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I would like to start an octave session within a restricted bash shell, or rbash, and thus restrict a user to their home directory.

The rbash works as expected, and the user is unable to use the cd command.

>prompt:~/$ /bin/bash -r
>bash-3.2$ pwd
>bash-3.2$ cd /
>bash: cd: restricted

When octave is started, the user is then able to cd to any directory.

>bash-3.2$ octave --silent
octave-3.4.0:1> pwd
   ans = /home/user1
octave-3.4.0:2> cd /
octave-3.4.0:3> pwd
   ans = /

Is there a way to disable the user account within octave in the way that rbash does?


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Tried to answer, but then realized I misread your question. It seems that you have exposed a gaping security hole. – Daniel Bidulock May 3 '12 at 16:08
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The easiest is probably a chroot-environment for Octave (chroot(2) / chroot(1)) for your Octave sub-process to isolate users from accessing real /.

Alternatively, you can replace the libc Octave is linked against with one that restricts the chdir(2) library call to directories that are allowed (see LD_PRELOAD).

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I have octave in a chrooted environment. I would like the octave prompt to respect the rbash. I will look into your second suggestion. Thanks. – dsgrnt May 3 '12 at 19:04
It looks like this may be the only way. I'll keep looking though, it doesn't seem ideal. – dsgrnt Jan 28 '13 at 21:01

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