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Currently we can use the Graph API to

  • GET all the Questions a user has asked
  • GET Question to see its QuestionOptions
  • GET QuestionOption's /votes to see what users voted for each option
  • POST a new Question to a user's wall
  • POST new QuestionOptions to a Question

This is all great. But I want to answer a question on behalf of a user. Is it possible to POST a user's vote to a Question?

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Having the answers ID, you just do a http post like at https://graph.facebook.com/option_id

I tested at Facebook Explorer Tool and it worked for me.

I probably explained myself in a wrong way, when i said option_id, i ment the option id u get from the question options, like:

var client = new FacebookClient(*FacebookToken);
dynamic parameters = new ExpandoObject();
parameters.fields = "id,question,from,is_published,options.fields(votes,name,**id**,vote_count)";

//Loads the question

dynamic question = client.Get(**questionID, parameters);

foreach (dynamic opt in question.options.data)
    //set the first answer as the choosed one for example
    client.Post(opt.id, null);

* the token u got
** the question id you want to load and answer
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