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I have testing/quiz data and I'm trying to do a listing for each test-taker. So I have:


I also have two fields... one is 'RightWrong' (which has a 1 if they got it right and a 0 if they got it wrong), and the other is 'Response' (which is the answer a test-taker gave that will match Answer1, 2, 3, or 4).

What I want to do is have a field after Answer1 (or highlight Answer1) that goes something like this:

IF [RESPONSE]=[ANSWER1] AND [RIGHTWRONG]="1" THEN (somehow show it as correct)

After Answer2:

IF [RESPONSE]=[ANSWER2] AND [RIGHTWRONG]="1" THEN (somehow show THIS as correct)


Can this be done with Conditional Formatting? If not, what kind of code do I need?

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Right-click the TextBox and choose "Conditional Formatting...". Then enter something like this

enter image description here

If you have only one textbox that is repeated for each record, then the "[RESPONSE]=[ANSWER1] And" part is not necessary of cause. Enter only [RIGHTWRONG]="1" as expression.

If you want to format a textbox that is bound to the field RightWrong you can simplify it further like this

enter image description here

And if the RightWrong field is typed as Integer or Long drop the double quotes around 1.

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You can conditionally format RESPONSE in a report based on the value of RIGHTWRONG using Conditional Formatting.

You just need to use "Expression Is" instead of "Field Value Is" and put in the formula [RIGHTWRONG]=1 and optionally a second formula [RIGHTWRONG]=0 for wrong answers.


enter image description here


enter image description here

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