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I am trying to redirect the user to a registered page once they have registered but its not doing so..


class RegisterController extends Zend_Controller_Action

    public function init()
        /* Initialize action controller here */

    public function indexAction()
        $form = new Application_Form_Register();
        $this->view->form = $form;
        if ($this->getRequest()->isPost()) {
            $formData = $this->getRequest()->getPost();
            if ($form->isValid($formData)) {
                $first_name = $form->getValue('first_name');
                $surname = $form->getValue('surname');
                $email = $form->getValue('email');
                $username = $form->getValue('username');
                $password = $form->getValue('password');
                $is_admin = $form->getValue('is_admin');
                $age = $form->getValue('age');
                $gender = $form->getValue('gender');
                $uni = $form->getValue('uni');
                $register = new Application_Model_DbTable_Users();
                $register->addUser($first_name, $surname, $email, $username, $password, $is_admin, $age, $gender, $uni);

            } else {
            $route = array('controller'=>'Register', 'action'=>'registered');


    public function registeredAction()
        // action body


This is what I have


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In the controller you can to the following:

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I usually don't use gotoRoute() therefore I am not sure if this is the cause of your problem, but your controller-name should be all lowercased, i.e. Register should be register or maybe gotoRouteAndExit() will solve your problem (just picked it up from a quick glance at the API)

You could try an alternative: For routing between actions/controllers I find the following most convenient:


Which will redirect you to registeredAction in the same controller. If you want to go to an action in a different controller, just add the controller as 2nd argument like this:

$this->_helper->redirector('registered', 'register');
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Thanks for the informative answer! It works now. – Rex89 May 4 '12 at 15:13

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