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I'm creating a Delphi server using some of the DataSnap server components and listening on port 211. I want to pass commands (e.g. "exec sp_something or other") from Objective-C on the iPad, and return a JSON result string. Can someone get me started on this one ? I have been doing Delphi since 1995 but I am new to Obj-C. Therein lies the problem. Creating the data server was a snap, writing the Obj-C has me puzzled, both to send the command and receive the JSON result. Parsing the JSON is no big deal. I just need to get it first ! TIA.

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You can't listen on port 211; ports below 1024 are reserved for root owned processes.

You'll really want to start with an intro to Objective-C guide of some sort. Given your history, you can probably get away with just reading Apple's excellent guide without bothering with the tutorials.

From there, you'll need to understand how to write iOS applications. Again, the Apple guide is a good start, but you might consider any of a number of 3rd party tutorials or guides.

Thinking of this learning exercise as answering the question "what lines of code do I need to write?" is a sure fire recipe to failure. You really need to understand the architecture of iOS applications and how your Objective-C code fits within.

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