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I create vml element v:shape, add styles and attributes, and then append it.

var shape = document.createElement("v:shape");
//some attrs
shape.setAttribute("coordorigin", "0 0");
shape.setAttribute("coordsize", w + " " + h);
shape.setAttribute("stroked", "false");
//some styles
shape.style.position = "absolute";
shape.style.top = 0 + "px";
shape.style.left = 0 + "px";
shape.style.width = w + "px";
shape.style.height = h + "px";

And I want to append the same shape to another place

var shape2 = $(shape).clone(true);

but it clones only styles

alert(shape2.css("position")); // absolute
alert(shape2.attr("coordsize")); // undefined

What sholuld I do? Help me please)
[EDIT] Thanks for your answers) Its weird for me... I noticed that it works when I append it to the element if var element = document.createElement("p"); but I get my element by $(selector).each(function(index, element) { Even when I append it to the body it doesn't work(

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Have you tried the Node.cloneNode() method? –  Trev Norris May 3 '12 at 17:44
works here: jsfiddle.net/GgVPU –  noShowP May 3 '12 at 17:46

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It works for me if I dummy in the missing values: http://jsfiddle.net/JAAulde/hKCHX/1/ (Tried in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox)

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From the documentation ?

.clone( [withDataAndEvents] )

withDataAndEvents - A Boolean indicating whether event handlers should be copied along with the elements.

.clone( [withDataAndEvents] [, deepWithDataAndEvents] )

withDataAndEvents - A Boolean indicating whether event handlers and data should be copied along with the elements.

The default value is false.

deepWithDataAndEvents - A Boolean indicating whether event handlers and data for all children of the cloned element should be copied. By default its value matches the first argument's value (which defaults to false).

Using clone(true) will copy event handlers and data as well.

Here's a fiddle with your exact code (with minor changes) that works just fine FIDDLE

Are you sure you have defined the w, h and element variables correctly, as w being undefined would cause the error you are getting ?

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