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Anyone had production experience with distributed caching for Mybatis? I saw some suggestions for ehcache/Terracotta, but previous experience with Terracotta would make me want to stay away from it (complex to configure and keep running). Hazelcast seems like an interesting possibility - anyone tried using it as a distributed cache with Mybatis?

Our app has a relatively large database (1TB), so we'd like a solution which scales well.

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At MyBatis, we already released a MyBatis/Hazelcast bridge module.

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Thanks, Simone! We'll try it out and provide feedback – roger armstrong May 7 '12 at 14:52
Simone - what are the criteria for choosing between OSCache, memcached and Hazelcast? We obviously want performance, reliability, efficiency - can you give any recommendations between the caches which mybatis supports? For instance, I can imagine that the single-point of failure issues are different since Hazelcast distributes redundant copies of the cache across all nodes (but presumably requires additional resources for this)... – roger armstrong May 8 '12 at 9:46

I have been using Ehcache with Mybatis+Spring for production and its very effective. And its configuration is pretty simple. (hardly 10 lines xml file)

On personal level my Suggestion would be using Ehcache.

PS : I do use hazelcast for diff purpose which requires distributed caching and its great too but for MyBatis it's like shooting an Insect with Gun.!

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