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I was using the php strip_tags() function to remove html tags from my text area input and to remove < script > tags to help guard against scripting attacks.

Anyway, often times the user is going to need to input XML tags that are not known in advance. However, my strip_tags function is removing these benign xml tags as well, which is not acceptable.

Also, I'll sometimes put filename.< date>.png (had to add a space there because StackOverflow removed it as well lol) to indicate variable parts of a file name or path. In this case what I end up with is filename..png after strip_tags is run.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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since xml also uses tags, you cannot. besides, it would basically defeat the purpose of string tags, since you can still cram javascript into any unknown tag. – dqhendricks May 3 '12 at 18:03
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strip_tags() is defined as removing all HTML/XML tags (other than the individual tags specified in the second argument). There is no distinction between the two types of tags, nor between that and <date> used as a placeholder -- all three look like tags to strip_tags(), so it removes them.

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It is not possible to make strip_tags not remove unknown tags. You may want to look at DOMDocument for a viable alternative.

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