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I use the DecimalFormat class to format numbers to strings, and vice-versa.

In my database, Java doubles are represented in a specific way : for example 128.88 is stored "00012888". To achieve that, I use the "00000.00" pattern and remove the "." decimal separator after formatting, which is not a smart solution.

Is there a way to tell DecimalFormat not to use any decimal separator ? Can I make it understand where is the integer part and the fraction part in a string representing a decimal number ?

I would prefer not having to multiply, divide, truncate or make roundings before conversions. Is there a magic pattern for this ? Or the DecimalFormat class is not as flexible ?

I precise I can't use the String.format() method because I work on a Java 1.4 platform.

Thanks for your help.

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Can't you change the database column to DECIMALS(9, 2)? Would still be stored without point, and be more normal. Furthermore BigDecimal is very awkward but a better solution than double. You could make a view with the correct column definition, and simply getDouble or getBigDecimal. –  Joop Eggen May 3 '12 at 18:08
no, unfortunatly. But BigDecimal seems to be a quite good solution. Thanks ! –  mishka May 3 '12 at 19:19
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DecimalFormat is not mighty enough to do that.

You could use a method like this:

double getD(String fixedWidthNumber) {
    return Double.valueOf(fixedWidthNumber.substring(0,6)+"."+fixedWidthNumber.substring(6,8));
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