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I'm using Visual Studio 2008 on a WindowsXP development server...and I code in C#...working on my company's intranet website.

I don't need to create a spreadsheet. My company has tons of 'em. I just want to store these prepared spreadsheets in a web directory so my agents can pick the one they need from a menu and download a copy for use on their client machines.

I've used anchors pointed at the files with...

href="SpreadSheets/2012/SIMPLEPRICING.xls">SIMPLE PRICING<

...and it only works on the first file downloaded. After that, the next spreadsheet requested for downloading just hangs. And, when I initiate that first download, it doesn't prompt me to Open or Save the incoming file, it just automatically displays it in my IE web browser as a functional spreadsheet. I don't mind that. But, since it's an Excel spreadsheet running in a web browser, IE must be doing something in the background in order to display an .xls like an .htm.

Using Task Manager, I spotted a process..."Excel.exe"...that seems to be getting invoked, on that first successful download. But it doesn't seem to automatically close, and I suspect it may be the culprit.

So, how do I easily distribute .xls files from a website folder?

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The behaviour of opening excel in explorer is on your side. You have configured (probably by accident) to open excel sheets in explorer and your agents have the option to do the same or download the file if they so choose. – banging May 3 '12 at 17:58
How right you are! I'd searched and searched. Gave up hope and asked for mercy. And, before I left stackoverflow I was pointed in this I came back here to post the solution and saw that you were up on top of things. Thanks for the [correct] snappy reply. – Joe May 3 '12 at 18:34

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