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I am running Joomla 1.5

I duplicated the entire Joomla directory from the command line via "cp" I duplicated the entire MySQL database form within phpMyAdmin

When I run the dup'd site I don't get my selected template, I get the out-of-the-box default template. So I went into Template Manager and made my template the default.

Next the menus are whacky.

So before I proceed to set everything manually, one-by-one, if there something I am missing here as to why when I make an exact copy of everything the new Joomla site does not look exactly like the current one?

Thanks for helping me.

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It should work. I assume you followed Copying a Joomla website? Make sure you follow that exactly.

But I strongly recommend using Akeeba backup instead. I use it for all my sites and it just works. It is a free extension that does it all for you. Might take some initial setup but after that you are set.

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