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I'm performing machine learning on a 25 x 125 image set. After getting the rgb components it becomes 9375 features per example (and I have about 675). I was trying fminunc and fminsearch and I thought that there was something wrong with my method, because it was 'freezing', but when I decrease the number of features by a factor of 10, it took a while but worked. How can I minimise the number of features, while maintaining the information relevant in the picture? I tried k-means, but I don't see how that helps, as I still have the same number of features, just that there are a lot of redundancy.

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You're looking for feature reduction or selection methods. For example see this library: http://homepage.tudelft.nl/19j49/Matlab_Toolbox_for_Dimensionality_Reduction.html or see this question Feature Selection in MATLAB If you google feature selection/reduction matlab will find many relevant articles/tools. Or you could google some commonly used methods like PCA (principal component analysis).

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thanks a lot, I'll will have do some fiddling as I am still relatively new to matlab, but it seems like a great starting point! – cubearth May 3 '12 at 18:29
You're welcome. – fireant May 3 '12 at 19:01

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