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so this is my problem : I would like to handle a clicked link in a QWebView. There is the signal

void QWebView::linkClicked ( const QUrl & url )

that is emitted when the user clicks on a link, so I could use that for my purposes, but it depends of the value of linkDelegationPolicy property that is set by default to not delegate links

but I can't change this because it's a function of QWebPage and I have a QWebView and QWebView doesn't inherit from QWebPage...so I'm really confused

Any help please! Thanks!

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The QWebView has an underlying QWepPage. You can get a pointer to it using the method QWebView::page().

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Amazing thanks!!! I'm feel kind of stupid for something that simple lol thanks again! –  castors33 May 3 '12 at 19:13

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