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I have a site that's generating a cookie for example.com. It is accessible in Firefox, Chrome 18 and Safari at both http://example.com and http://www.example.com. However, I cannot access the cookie from http://test.me.example.com in webkit derived browsers. It works in Firefox.

I've tested this with domain= one of example.com and .example.com when setting the cookie from javascript.

The cookie has a path of / and has expires set.

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Yes, looking at that thread makes me think Firefox is correct and Chrome and Safari are not working properly. Like I said, a first level sub domain works, but not two levels. I would expect both www.example.com and something.wwww.example.com to both work if the cookie is defined as .example.com. I guess I was hoping someone knew either why this happens with Chrome or if there is a workaround. –  Lucas Holt May 3 '12 at 20:11

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