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There is code that I use to pass new data to Database (firebird):

FbConnection fbCon = new FbConnection(csb.ToString());
FbDataAdapter fbDAdapter = new FbDataAdapter("SELECT ID,name,score FROM players",fbCon);
FbCommandBuilder Cmd = new FbCommandBuilder(fbDAdapter);
DataSet DSet = new DataSet();
DataRow rw = DSet.Tables[0].NewRow();
rw["ID"] = zID + 1;
rw["name"] = var;
rw["score"] = score;

Maybe you can suggest better algorithm, or this is pretty good?

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This way is OK, you are using a command builder that do a lot of work for, you can simply translate the above code into an insert command to execute directly on the database table :

  FbConnection fbCon = new FbConnection(csb.ToString());
  FbCommand fbCom = new FbCommand("INSERT INTO players(ID,name,score) VALUES (@id,@name,@score)", fbCon);
  fbCom.Parameters.AddWithValue("id", zID + 1);
  fbCom.Parameters.AddWithValue("name", var);
  fbCom.Parameters.AddWithValue("score", score);

In this way you avoid the command builder and loading the data into the Datatable, should be quite faster ...

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ok, addisional question, witch method is better to use if I want to check if data already exist in DB? in my example I know how to make that. How to make checking of existance in your ? –  user1224225 May 3 '12 at 19:53

This is lighter for database:

      FbConnectionStringBuilder csb = new FbConnectionStringBuilder( );
      csb.ServerType = FbServerType.Default;
      csb.Database = Settings.Default.LastBDPath;
      csb.Password = Settings.Default.LastBDPassword; //            "masterkey";
      csb.UserID = Settings.Default.LastBDUser;       //            "SYSDBA";
      connection = new FbConnection( csb.ToString( ) );

      connection.Open( ); 

      string scriptLine = string.Format("INSERT INTO TABLE (Id, Name, Score) values ({0}, '{1}', {2}", zId+1, var, score) ; 
      FBCommand command = new FbCommand( scriptline, connection );
      command.ExecuteNonQuery( );

For a select:

string sql = string.Format("select * from table where name='{0}';", your_name);

FbCommand command = new FbCommand( sql ), connection );
FbDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader( );
while ( reader.Read( ) )
    for ( int i=0; i<reader.FieldCount; i++ )
         objects[i].Add( reader.GetValue( i ) );
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oh, thnx, is there any method to check if value exist in DB, for example name? –  user1224225 May 3 '12 at 20:03
of course, you should use a sql select, if reader return rows it exists –  Blau May 3 '12 at 22:00

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