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My situation is the following:

I have a git Repo A which contains a folder referencing material from another 'project' stored in git Repo B. The folder is really just a symbolic link so it doesn't actually exist.

What I would like to do is 'git pull' from Repo B into this folder ONLY and then push back into Repo A preserving as much of the history as possible (incase changes need to go the other way).

I could just manually upload all the files but that would loose all the history. Also I could just have 2 separate repos and a link but I would like to try and merge project B into project A if possible.

Does git have something along the lines of....

git remote add projectb GITURLFORB
mkdir projectb
git add projectb && git commit projectb
git push origin master
git pull projectb master --into_folder projectb
git push origin master

Thank you

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It sounds like you want to use submodules to include projectB. See http://book.git-scm.com/5_submodules.html

The biggest advantage of submodules is that projectA will point to a particular commit in projectB even if new commits have been made in projectB. This allows projectB to evolve without worrying about breaking projectA. If the new commits in projectB will work with projectA, you can update the pointer in projectA.

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thanks for your quick reply, that does seem to be what I wanted! Project A would then always reference a particular part of Project B and they can evolve independently and 're-merge' at a later point in time. Excellent thankyou – Josh England May 3 '12 at 21:03

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