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I'm developing a Windows service with .NET framework 3.5. The key feature of the service is a connection made to a Sybase database which executes some stored procedures.

If I deploy my service on a machine where ASE is installed, it works fine.

But, when I deploy my service on a client machine, I get this message in the Event Viewer:

Sybase.AdoNet2.AseClient : Could not load code page for requested charset

Then I installed ASE on the client and the service works.

My question is if someone knows how to deploy the Adaptive Server ADO.NET Data Provider without using the GAC, as explained here?

It's not clear what package I have to install, I'm installing this download, but I just need only the client, not the entire package.

If someone is experienced working with Sybase, I will thank you for any help.

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Please follow these steps:

  1. Create a C:\Sybase folder.
  2. Copy the charsets folder into this folder.
  3. Restart IIS
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