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I want to authenticate a windows 8 app via OAuth on a service. This works by using the WebView control and navigate the user with a proper URL to the service where the authentication takes place.

If the user is authenticated by the service, he is redirected to a success page.

I'd like to get the information about this redirect so that i can start the application automatically.

I've tried the the LoadComplete event which is fired when a page is loaded, but there i only get the request uri, but not the redirect uri.

webView.LoadCompleted += webView_LoadCompleted;
webView.Navigate(new Uri("service uri));

Has anyone an idea howto get the redirect url, or at least the page content(This i could parse and look for something like "great, you're authenticated")

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Are you redirecting to localhost:8080 (or any other port) ? When you receive the request there, it means you are ready to go. – kiewic Oct 18 '12 at 15:07

There is a built in mechanism for this that is more secure for users (apps can't snoop passwords). See web authentication broker:

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+1 Another plus side is the UI is consistent with other applications signing in to web services. – Patrick Mar 22 '13 at 15:06

You can get the WebView page content doing something like this:

private void webView_LoadCompleted_1(object sender, NavigationEventArgs e)
    WebView webView = sender as WebView;
    string html = webView.InvokeScript("eval", new string[] {"document.documentElement.outerHTML;"});

    // Here you can parse html ....
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