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I'm new to Salesforce and do not have any coding experience. I've been so impressed with SF that I'm now on a mission to learn APEX. In order to learn APEX, I need to learn java. So after struggling to create triggers - and to make since of code examples out there - I signed up for an intro java CS class through iTunesU (free - from Stanford).

I could be a hero with a friend at work if I can make a simple trigger work though. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • A workflow rule fills out a formula field with DATETIME data on a contact once a picklist value is saved on the contact record.
  • This picklist will only show for one day b/c of a promo at work.
  • How can I design a trigger to rank order the DATETIME field (earliest time = 1, next time = 2, etc.) and insert the rank into another SF a Field on the same contact?
  • I will not have to worry about any bulk loading issues. Two users could possibly hit save at the same time on a contact. I know I will need a test case to get this into production but I will worry about that later!

I found this which I think is a good start?

How to sort list items for Date field value (Apex, Salesforce)

Here is a another example that deals with sorting a list by alphabetical order:

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It's great that you're on a mission to learn Apex! You don't really need to know Java, though. Some general programming concepts (variables, datatypes, loops, methods/functions, etc) would be enough.

It seems like you know a bit about Triggers already. As you probably know, they execute code based on certain conditions. Trigger Context Variables are very important when you're developing with them; these provide data on the record(s) that the Trigger action is being performed on. I would read that documentation thoroughly first. The examples provided are really helpful.

When working with triggers, it's also important to understand debug logs and how to check them. You can log anything using the System.debug(); method.

After you have the basics of a Trigger in place, you can begin to add sorting logic to it. Data in Lists (if the List type is a primitive data type) can be sorted by calling the List.sort(); method, but you would have to keep track of what sObject the data (date) is on. You may need to write your own sort method using a sort algorithm (bubble sort or insertion sort are a couple that I have used before) or use some sorting code that has already been developed.

I know that's a lot of information, but it should get you started; good luck!

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Thank you, your post was very helpful! I am having issues getting the sort to work. trigger rank on Contact (before insert, before update) { List<Contact> contacts = new list<Contact>(); for (Contact rank : { if(rank.Date_Time_Of_Call__c != null) contacts.sort(); // I also tried contacts.sort(Date_Time_Of_Call__c) }} // I wasn't able to find any basis sorting examples out there. – MMcNamara May 4 '12 at 17:10
Sorting only works for primitive data types (until the Summer '12 release). So, List<DateTime> dt = new List<DateTime>(); dt.sort(); would work after adding DateTime values to the List, but List<Contact> c = new List<Contact>(); c.sort(); would not. – Matt K May 4 '12 at 20:02

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