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I am currently using Django 1.4 with reportlab 2.5. I am trying to figure out how to use the experimental platypus/para.py, since I have to wrap blocks with a fair amount of html tags in them. Just starting out, but it seems like it has a few issue. para tags are also not rendered nearly as well as the actual paragraph class. List:

  1. p, span, br etc. tags not understood (I added compilers for these tags in my local code, but pretty hackish.)
  2. it does not understand pagebreaks: content which should be spread across multiple pages is either wrapped around in the same page, or the next (I am not using KeepTogether, nor do I see it anywhere in the code).


I understand this class says it was an experiment, but it has been there in the code since about 2 years now, without any trunk updates. So if anyone can help me/point me in the right direction to fix these issues (not necessarily merge Paragraph.py with para.py) to get my stuff working, that would be awesome.

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