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This article introduces the new endpoint:

But since I'm using the javascript sdk, I obviously don't want to put the client_secret into my javascript. I am going to implement this with a proxy page on my server, but I would prefer a user-agent type of flow or better yet a javascript sdk function.

The main reason I want this feature is that I still want people using my site to be able to push stuff to their facebook accounts event if they've logged out or switched accounts which I can't do with the current access tokens.

Who has info about this?

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In this case, you need to pass the token to your server-side code and do the code exchange there.

Do not put your app secret in client code, it allows complete takeover of your app

There probably should be no need to do a code exchange for a javascript app anyways, as the user will still be in your app, and you'll get an updated short-lived token when they refresh the page or leave and come back

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