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I am making a program to compute minimum cost routes, using minimal spanning trees. I did my implementation in c + + but I could not make a graphical interface to read the input file, so I decided to pass it to Java language and create the interface using Netbeans. Herés my code in c++:

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I can't see where any of the following arrays are initialised:

public static int matrizPesos[][];
public static char arbolMinimal[];
public static int distancia[];
public static int linkeoNodos[];

but they are accessed which would be a possible cause for NullPointerException.

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Sure I understand, but where in the code should initialize these arrays to make the code work? – franvergara66 May 3 '12 at 22:27

Well, first it would probably be a good idea to fix all the compile-errors (NetBeans marks them in the code for you).

As for that exception, it's telling you that something is null on line 98 in

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