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When using regular JSP forms for printing to the client, configuring the web.xml properly works for me (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2147958/how-do-i-prevent-people-from-doing-xss-in-java).

Is there any "best practice" on how to escape/entityze strings which will be send via JSON to a jQuery function, which then populates the DOM with these values? Any recommended libraries or Spring Web Framework build-ins?

  1. jQuery $.ajax-call to Spring MVC
  2. Spring MVC responds in JSON
  3. (magic encoding happens, e.g. <a> becomes &lt;a&gt; ) <= this one
  4. jQuery receives the JSON and populates the DOM XSS-safe

Thanks in advance!

edit: I am also sometimes sending HTML on purpose, so the solution would need to be able to only handle the user input. It will probably turn out that every user-poisoned string will have to be sanitized manually?

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try this class which I wrote for my use . it may be useful check wether any case is missing . . . as no detailed testing is done on this yet.

If any issue arise please let me know. . . (add corresponding jar Apache commons and net.sf.json)

package myutil;

import java.util.Iterator;

import net.sf.json.JSONArray;

import net.sf.json.JSONObject;

import org.apache.commons.lang.StringEscapeUtils;

public class JSONCleaner {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        JSONObject jsonchild2=new JSONObject();
        jsonchild2.put("subchlidkey1", "subchildvalue1");
        jsonchild2.put("subchlidkey2", "subchildvalue2");
        jsonchild2.put("subchlidkey3", "subchildvalue3");

        JSONObject jsonchild=new JSONObject();
        jsonchild.put("chlidkey1", "childvalue1");
        jsonchild.put("chlidkey2", "childvalue2");
        jsonchild.put("chlidkey3", "childvalue3");

        JSONArray jsonarray=new JSONArray();

        JSONObject json=new JSONObject();
        json.put("name", "<b>nirbhay</b>");
        json.put("age", 23);
        json.put("jsonChildObject", jsonchild);
        json.put("weight", 65);
        json.put("array", jsonarray);


    public static JSONObject cleanJSONObject(JSONObject jsonObject)
        JSONObject returnJson=new JSONObject();
        Iterator<?> keys = jsonObject.keys();
        while( keys.hasNext() ){
            String key = (String)keys.next();
                returnJson.put(key, cleanJSONArray(jsonObject.getJSONArray(key)));
                    returnJson.put(key, StringEscapeUtils.escapeHtml(jsonObject.getString(key)));

        return returnJson;

    private static JSONArray cleanJSONArray(JSONArray array)

        JSONArray returnArray=new JSONArray();
        for(int i=0,j=array.size();i<j;i++)
                if(array.optJSONArray(i) != null)
                returnArray.add(cleanJSONArray((JSONArray) array.get(i)));
                returnArray.add(cleanJSONObject((JSONObject) array.get(i)));

        return returnArray;
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