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Where can I find the file object with the getImage API when the iOS location is not allowed by the user?

Will the error callback have the successful file object as shown here?

file.getImage( function (file) { /* the success scenario */ , function (file) { /* the error scenario but still has successful file object */ );

Or will the error callback have both the content and file objects?

file.getImage( function (file) { /* do success scenario  */ , function (content, file) { /* error scenario but has successful file object */ );

What would be the proper API pattern for this scenario?

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The reason the user might be prompted for location permission when you use file.getImage is because there is location data embedded the image's EXIF metadata which could be used to covertly infer their position.

This only occurs when you read data from the gallery: if you use the saveLocation: "file" parameter to getImage, the user won't be prompted for location permission.

In either case, the success callback for file.getImage should always be invoked with a file object (unless the user cancelled image capture entirely): it's only when you come to use the file that the location permission might be needed.

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