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Any good framework/library/toolkit that enables making of responsive Silverlight-like ASP.NET MVC applications?

I am about to start a new LOB application, I would do it in Silverlight like I do all the rest of my LOBs, but Silverlight doesn't have official support for Android/iOS, I need a complete multi-platform solution, which is ASP.NET.

In the other hand, I want to have the responsiveness and UI richness of a Silverlight app, while using the most advanced tools in the market, like MVC3, EF latest version, HTML5/CSS3 etc.

Do you know of a good framework/theme or whatever you call it, that will help me make the ASP.NET application UI highly responsive, so I can then consider wrapping it in a local WPF navigation client or so?

I'm a bit strict in time and haven't been into ASP.NET for a long time. I am after a stable framework packed with tools that are ready to ship, and are also very customizable and reusable.

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ASP.NET MVC does not prevent you to write very responsive applications, I also agree SL should not be used when you plan to access the application from mobile devices. see my other question here: Is ASP.NET MVC 3 ready for business applications

we started with a new LOB application using MVC 3, DevExpress MVC Extensions, backbone.js library for page composition and of course JQuery and other Ajax libraries.

we are quite happy so far, with backbone we are composing pages loading different views and we are now delivering a single page application experience, similar to GMail.

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OK. I know. I've already made my decision to go for ASP.NET MVC, where I need help is finding a framework that provides utilities and tools to spare development time. Anyway, I'll check more about backbone, I hope it's free for commercial use. – Shimmy May 4 '12 at 1:25

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