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I have an html page with jquery slideshow (jquery circle plugin). With the "shuffle" option

var slideshow = $('#slider').cycle({
 fx: 'shuffle', shuffle: { top: 0, left: 1300},

during the effect transitions moving images out off the page, displaying the horizontal scroll bar for a second, an annoying thing! If I just hide the horizontal scroll bar with CSS

 overflow-x: hidden;

is a good idea? There are downsides to doing this?

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If your page has a fixed width layout and your users are supposed to never use the horizontal scroll bar, it shouldn't be a problem at first look. However, if your page has 1000px+ width, and an user tries to access it with 800x600 resolution, they won't be able to scroll it so it may be a bad idea.

Not only that, your users may resize the window on purpose and they won't be able to use the scrollbar. You have to consider mobile users as well.

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The layout is "flexible" from 1200 to 800 :) – fireb86 May 4 '12 at 0:38

It depends on your page, but it shouldn't matter.

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