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I am using Caliburn Micro for MVVM, so i am able to OpenViews, but not able to Move them.

I have set WindowStyle=None and here is my code.

private void OpenView(object ViewModel)
    settings: new Dictionary<string, object>
        { "WindowStyle", WindowStyle.None},
        { "ShowInTaskbar", false},  

Please help.

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Remove your CreateWindow from WindowManager.cs of Caliburn Micro and add this code.

protected virtual Window CreateWindow(object rootModel, bool isDialog, object context, IDictionary<string, object> settings) {
    var view = EnsureWindow(rootModel, ViewLocator.LocateForModel(rootModel, null, context), isDialog);
    ViewModelBinder.Bind(rootModel, view, context);

    var haveDisplayName = rootModel as IHaveDisplayName;
    if (haveDisplayName != null && !ConventionManager.HasBinding(view, Window.TitleProperty)) {
        var binding = new Binding("DisplayName") { Mode = BindingMode.TwoWay };
        view.SetBinding(Window.TitleProperty, binding);

    view.MouseLeftButtonDown += new System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonEventHandler(Window_MouseDown);
    ApplySettings(view, settings);

    new WindowConductor(rootModel, view);

    return view;

void Window_MouseDown(object sender, System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonEventArgs e)
    var view = sender as Window;
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