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After i finished the mobile version of my website i used the to make the redirection to mobile site and also the redirection to the full site. Also i am using the cookie function to save the state for 1 hour using the code bellow:

                 SA.redirection_mobile ({
                noredirection_param : "noredirection", 
                mobile_prefix : "m", 
                cookie_hours : "1"

The problem that i have is that i use subdomains in my site and when i came back to full site if i click to a link for example or the redirection goes back to mobile site because cookie is created for site the redirection is

Any idea how to solve this?

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The issue is pretty easy to fix if you set the cookie yourself without the www. Setting the domain for the cookie as would allow for any subdomain.Take a look at this stack answer. You might be able to modify the script your using, or just setting the cookie manually.

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