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We have an app that is dependent heavily on kCTParagraphStyleSpecifierParagraphSpacing to manage spacing between paragraphs, which can vary throughout a body of text. For editing performance, we implemented our main Core Text view as a collection of CTFrames that are drawn/redrawn when appropriate.

We've found that if a paragraph uses a nonzero kCTParagraphStyleSpecifierParagraphSpacing as one of its CTParagraphStyleSettings attributes, this paragraph spacing is ignored if that paragraph is the first item in a CTFrame, even if there is a another paragraph preceding it in the text fed to the framesetter.

I suppose this behavior makes sense if you're drawing to a PDF intended to be printed, but given that we're trying to present our text a a single, scrollable and contiguous block of text, it is giving us problems. Is there any way to work around this problem?

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If you can't change the behavior with a CTParagraphStyleSetting, I think it's a bug, or Apple thinks that behavior makes sense. Anyway, to get the result that you desire, I think the best way is to use CTTypesetter and handle lineSpacing and paragraphSpacing yourself. I think the CTFrame implementation is quite buggy, as I just run into another not long ago.

For rolling your own solution, you will need CTTypesetterSuggestClusterBreak or CTTypesetterSuggestLineBreak to calculate char count of each line. Line height can be the font size, and you add lineSpacing when drawing each line. When you encounter a newline(\n) character, add paragraphSpacing before drawing next line.

With CTTypesetter, things are more controllable, of course, it also adds some difficulties since you have to handle line breaks and indentation. But this is the only way I can think of to get a more desired result.

Good luck.

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