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Can anyone recommend an opensource message queue for me? like JMS, gearmand,zeroMq,Amazon SQS. Tt would be best to satisfied the following points(not compulsive):

  1. distributed and scalable.
  2. supported Asynchronous message.
  3. best to support pub/subscribe
  4. high availability,best never drop message.
  5. high performance
  6. best to support php sdk, and the mq server developed by c/c++.
  7. easy to use
  8. the project is active.

thanks a lot!

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Stack Overflow isn't the appropriate forum for this question. – Marc May 4 '12 at 1:56
thanks for reminding. – user1077365 May 7 '12 at 10:46

Classic brokers:

  • Apache ActiveMQ — it's a JMS broker implementation from Apache. Written in Java.
  • RabbitMQ — popular AMQP broker implementation written in Erlang.
  • StormMQ — AMQP broker written in Java. Drop-in replacement for RabbitMQ (does not require changing clients).
  • Apache Qpid — AMQP broker, another alternative to RabbitMQ. Written in Java and C++.

Above also provide HTTP (REST API), XMPP and STOMP transports.

Other stuff:

  • ZeroMQ — this is not a broker, but a library. Allows for either brokered or broker-less architectures. Very light, very versatile and very fast. Written in C++.
  • Amazon SQS — lacks features of others. Awkward limitations like messages are not guaranteed to be in order nor to be delivered only once. No pub/sub architecture. Limited to be used in combination with AWS. Rather high latency.

  1. distributed and scalable. — all of above
  2. supported Asynchronous message. — all of above
  3. best to support pub/subscribe — all except SQS
  4. high availability,best never drop message. — all, some depending on settings
  5. high performance — all in term of throughput, some less in terms of latency
  6. best to support php sdk, — all of above, PHP has AMQP and STOMP clients built in, ZMQ and SQS have specific bindings.
    and the mq server developed by c/c++ — only ZeroMQ, but it's not really a server
  7. easy to use — all of above
  8. the project is active. — all of above
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(+1) I'd also add Apache's QPid to the 'Classic Broker' section, which is an alternate to RabbitMQ (AMQP). For the OP I really recommend you look at either RabbitMQ, QPid or ZeroMQ. I personally spend a lot of time in the messaging space (you'd might say it's my specialty) and I tend to avoid JMS or any other 'lock-in' solutions, favoring AMQP-based solutions instead. – Shaun May 14 '12 at 14:29

ActiveMQ fits the bill. But it's not c++

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ActiveMQ is the best one. There also support for C++...Refer CMS

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