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I have an issue with my ASP.Net 3.5 web forms site where sometimes requests to:


results in a exception thrown. This is the request to load in the WebForms post back javascript (e.g WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions, WebForm_DoCallback, etc.).

The error seems very similar to this SO post: WebResource.axd throwing exceptions in web farm, with the exception that the production environment is a single server, not a web farm. This rules out any issues with differing machine key elements across different servers, or different System.Web.dll versions.

What other circumstances could result in this problem sporadically occurring?

Edit: I've just noticed that failing requests are actually coming from:


Which is all lower case, which will be causing the Base64 decoding to fail. Not sure why sometimes the aspx page is spitting out this link in lower case however.

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Turns out there was an Http Module that was redirecting the URL with a .ToLower(), this meant that the Base 64 encoded query string in WebResource.axd was modified therefore failed parsing.

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