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I have a website in aspx with c # and am having trouble making the transition between pages. I tulizando the following code; response.redirect ("page.aspx"), where the url should be / sipp / page.aspx, but the url is being passed 2fsipp% 2f% / page.aspx. causing the page not found.

How do I fix this?

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The right syntaxe is


where the [url] is the path to your required page.

In your case you should try :

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try with this code.


you can also try with another way: Server.Transfer()


If you are using Server.Transfer() then you can directly access the values, controls and properties of the previous page which you can’t do with Response.Redirect().

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I've tried both ways and it did not work, the project name is added to the url. Server.Transfer gives problem with AJAX. – MadsonBraz May 4 '12 at 8:49

Try encoding the URL being passed to Response.Redirect as follows:

Response.Redirect( Server.URL.Encode("myUrl"));
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