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Could you guys point me to the javascript API documentation for jQuery.sheet. It looks like a promising control for my requirements. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a formal javascript API documentation.

The only ones I have found so far are these two links: The Web Based Spreadsheet and Tiki.

The first one shows the control in action. While the second shows how it is integrated into the wiki framework of that particular web site.

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Documentation for jQuery.sheet unfortunately is very scanty. Just got answers to some questions I had. Below are some pointers

  • Check out the sample jquery.sheet.html page. It contains a lot of example which you can use. Find it here. I believe he tried to use jQuery.sheet to document itself.
  • If not sure about some syntax, you can check the jison file here

One thing though is that the use is very similar to excel and the javascript source files are relatively.

I'll be using it actively for a project so might get answers to more questions.

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