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I have one application in which I want to scan QR code + bar codes on food packets for 1 store. I have tried ZBar reader for bar code scanning. It is working perfectly. Now I want to scan QR code also. For that I have searched and downloaded sample code. But all are not proper. Can anybody help?

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If You want to read QRCode use Zbar sdk

try this

ZBarImageScanner *scanner = reader.scanner;

[scanner setSymbology:ZBAR_QRCODE config:ZBAR_CFG_ENABLE to:1];

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Megha:Zbar SDK is best for bar code and QR Code Scanner u have to try this link https://github.com/a2n/zbar-iphone-example i have also tried this in My Application and its working perfect.

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I don't want to use zbar .Because it is not giving me proper result.It wants proper lightings ,I can not scan my ID cards in medium light.So i want to use QR Reader..Please help –  Megha Mishty May 4 '12 at 5:42
SDK provides only idea and base,this logic you have to create own, because,no one have similar requirement Code.Try it yourself.Good Luck!!!! –  jhinjhak May 4 '12 at 5:57

There are 40 versions of QR code. I am sure ZDBar SDK scans version 1 QRCode I have used it successfully.Check the documentation to verify the other supproted versions. Have yo identified the version of QR codes you want to support ?


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No...But Any version that work perfact will be used..Can you suggest?Can you give me code/ –  Megha Mishty May 4 '12 at 5:40

i have used this http://zbar.sourceforge.net/iphone/sdkdoc/install.html in many of my applications to read qr codes,bar codes,UPC codes sucessfully

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zxing has an iphone port for qr code reading

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