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In code igniter i need to replace illegal characters of 4th segment with '-', for example

works fine and!!!

this not working and show 'The URI you submitted has disallowed characters." error message. I need to replace ! or any other disallowed characters with '-'. Can you please give me a solution for this.

Thanks in advance.

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I used .htaccess mod_rewrite to do this. –  dimuthu May 4 '12 at 8:30

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You could use the URI class, get the current URI string, remove the illegal chars, then redirect to the new string.

But I dont understand why people are going to the wrong URL in the first place? That seems like a bad idea in the first place?

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You could do it with a Regex to strip your string, but you might also look at the url_title function.

From the manual

$title = "What's wrong with CSS?";

$url_title = url_title($title); // Produces: Whats-wrong-with-CSS 
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