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In g++ 4.6 (or later), what extra optimisations does -Ofast enable other than -ffast-math?

The man page says this option "also enables optimizations that are not valid for all standard compliant programs". Where can I find more information about whether this might affect my program or not?

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Here's a command for checking what options are enabled with -Ofast:

$ g++ -c -Q -Ofast --help=optimizers | grep enabled

Since I only have g++ 4.4 that doesn't support -Ofast, I can't show you the output.

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I did this for you, the results are here: – Yuri May 4 '12 at 8:30

The -Ofast options might silently enable the gcc C++ extensions. You should check your sources to see if you make any use of them. In addition, the compiler might turn off some obscure and rarely encountered syntax checking for digraphs and trigraphs (this only improves compiler performance, not the speed of the compiled code).

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