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I am new to api development, so don't know whether this is feasible or not.

I have a website( which consists of data and i need to develop an api or somehow use this site's data to use it in another websites.

My requirement is other external websites( need to search the data from my main site ( will send search string to and it will send back result and show them in

i need to use ajax calls in for searching data, so my question is

  1. Is this whole process feasible ?
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Sure, you can use JSONP, supported by default in libraries like jQuery.

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A good way is to use SOAP web-service:

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SOAP covers a vast number of edge cases. It is usually much more complicated then anything most people need. A JSON or simple XML based RESTful API is usually a better choice. – Quentin May 4 '12 at 6:15

REST: SOAP: oAuth: (this is used by popular sites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter)

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