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i have modified a wordpress theme very drastically to create the first version of my new site. I am trying to get rid of this 1px dotted border, but cannot for the life of me find which element it is on. arg!

the site is http://dev.timelesscreations.us and the dotted border i am talking about is underneath the side bar and above to footer on the right side.

Thank you!

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its in style.css line 62

background: url("images/bk_content.png") repeat-y scroll 100% 0 transparent;

just REMOVE that property 
background: url("images/bk_content.png") repeat-y scroll 100% 0 transparent
from  #container  css

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you win! thank you so much! Headache is cured –  Mike Lucid May 4 '12 at 15:45

It is caused by this CSS rule in your stylesheet:

#footer {
    border-top: 1px dotted #000;


<div id="footer"> .... </div>
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Use Firefox Firebug add-on or Chrome Developer Tools (F12) to find it.

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in style.css at line 144 you have dotted border setted on #footer. Remove that .

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