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I know c# has Array.FindAll and Array.IndexOf.

Is there a Array.FindAllIndexOf which returns int[]?

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string[] myarr = new string[] {"s", "f", "s"};

int[] v = myarr.Select((b,i) => b == "s" ? i : -1).Where(i => i != -1).ToArray();

This will return 0, 2

If the value does not exist in the array then it will return a int[0].

make an extension method of it

public static class EM
    public static int[] FindAllIndexof<T>(this IEnumerable<T> values, T val)
        return values.Select((b,i) => object.Equals(b, val) ? i : -1).Where(i => i != -1).ToArray();

and call it like

string[] myarr = new string[] {"s", "f", "s"};

int[] v = myarr.FindAllIndexof("s");
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That will throw an exception on null elements though. You should use object.Equals instead. –  Will May 4 '12 at 6:51
@High828: Thanks and corrected. –  Nikhil Agrawal May 4 '12 at 8:00

You can write something like :

string[] someItems = { "cat", "dog", "purple elephant", "unicorn" }; 
var selectedItems = someItems.Select((item, index) => new{
    ItemName = item,
    Position = index});


var Items = someItems.Select((item, index) => new{
    ItemName = item,
    Position = index}).Where(i => i.ItemName == "purple elephant");

Read : Get the index of a given item using LINQ

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No, there is not. But you can write your own extension method.

public static int[] FindAllIndexOf<T>(this T[] a, Predicate<T> match)
   T[] subArray = Array.FindAll<T>(a, match);
   return (from T item in subArray select Array.IndexOf(a, item)).ToArray();

and then, for your array, call it.

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You can loop with findIndex giving an index

string[] arr = { "abc", "asd", "def", "abc", "lmn", "wer" };
int index = -1;
    index = Array.IndexOf(arr, "abc", index + 1);
} while (-1 != index);
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Searches for an element that matches the conditions defined by the specified predicate, and returns all the zero-based index of the occurrence within the entire System.Array.

public static int[] FindAllIndex<T>(this T[] array, Predicate<T> match)
    return array.Select((value, index) => match(value) ? index : -1)
            .Where(index => index != -1).ToArray();
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