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I have a report with the following set up, the issue is that i need to grab the OrderDate into my link, but when I use HtmlItemCreated , the OrderDate is created after the CreditCard label so I cant ever grab the text of the OrderDate label. Or how can I do this?, I know I can grab the e.Brick.Text when I am in the HtmlItemCreated but, I cant do it there because its being created first then the other one that has the value. This is being created first

private void xrLabel200_HtmlItemCreated(object sender, HtmlEventArgs e)

and then this

 private void OrderDate_HtmlItemCreated(object sender, HtmlEventArgs e)

My Issue again is that I need the OrderDate created in the OrderDate_HtmlItemCreated but , its being generated after it has gone through xrlabel200's evernt handler.

I dont know what to do I have tried changing the positions of the handlers etc.. and nothing.. here is a snapshot of the report if anyone can help me out

The OrderDate is at the header, the CardType is a link and thats where I am trying to append the date.. as follows


 private void xrLabel200_HtmlItemCreated(object sender, HtmlEventArgs e)
 string cardTypeName = e.Brick.Text;

        switch (cardTypeName)
            case "N/A":
                CardTypeID = 0;
            case "MASTER CARD":
                CardTypeID = 1;
//OrderDate.Text is always returning XRLabel3 (which is the name) because it has not been populated
link.HRef = string.Format("mywebsite.aspx?sDate={0}&ctId={2}", OrderDate.Text, CardTypeID);
        link.InnerText = e.Brick.Text;
        link.Target = "blank";
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Cant you base your code on the contents of the underlying datasource rather than the displayed report contents?

Doing this would mean you have no requirements to process code in a specific order.

e.g. GetCurrentColumnValue

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