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I'm using Memcached with Heroku for a Rails 3.1 app. I had a bug and the wrong things are showing - the parameters were incorrect for the cache.

I had this:

<% cache("foo_header_cache_#{}") do %> 

I removed the fragment caching and pushed to Heroku and the bad data went away.

And then I changed it to:

<% cache("foo_header_cache_#{}") do %> 

However, when I corrected the parameters, from @user to @foo, the old [incorrect] cached version showed again (instead of refreshing with the correct data).

How can I manually expire this, or otherwise get rid of this bad data that is showing?

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I ended up manually clearing the entire cache by going into the rails console and using the command:

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Here you are:

<%"foo_header_cache_#{}") %>

- How to call expire_fragment from Rails Observer/Model?

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From the rails console:

Rails.cache.delete 'FRAGMENT-NAME'
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This is now the correct answer. The accepted one is using a shotgun to kill a fly. – Chuck Callebs Mar 17 at 18:26

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