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My question is similar to this one, Android - horizontal scrolling of multiple viewable items. Unfortunately, still could not get the right answer.

I dont want to use HorizontalScrollView as it does not free up the native memory, which is causing me OutOfMemoryError.

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How to create a custom page in ViewPager in which each page has 3 ImageViews( it could vary)?

Step #1: Design a fragment that "has 3 ImageViews( it could vary)"

Step #2: Create a FragmentStatePagerAdapter that creates pages based on the fragment from step #1

Step #3: Create a ViewPager and hand it an instance of your adapter from step #2

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Thanks CommonsWare!! I'm creating the fragment with the required number of imageviews in getItem method from FragmentPagerAdapter. It works. :) –  FireAndIce May 4 '12 at 11:59

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