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I am using Static to hold the data for caching. This is used in window services.

My Caching Code is below.

public class CacheLoader

{ private static Dictionary<string, string> _cache; private static Boolean _loaded = false; private static object _lockObject = new object(); private ILoader _loader; public CacheLoader(ILoader loaderObj) { _loader = loaderObj; } public Dictionary<string, string> Load() { lock (_lockObject) { if (!_loaded) { _cache = _loader.Load(); _loaded = true; } } return _cache; } public static void Clear() { lock (_lockObject) { _cache = null; _loaded = false; } } }

My question is, How can I refresh(reload) this static data at runtime. I don't want to use timer, because cache is refreshed every time the timer expires.

I want the cache to be refreshed when it is needed like, making it refreshed manually without restarting the window service.

I thought of using the file watching concept i.e., a separate thread that watches over a file, if changed cache is refreshed.

Is that correct?

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What triggers are there for a cache refresh? – yamen May 4 '12 at 8:27

Provide a WCF endpoint to your service or use any other IPC mechanism for communicating with it from your application (named pipes, for example). Then, you can trigger a refresh easily. Also see the article here showing how to use the OnCustomCommand handler for one-way only communication.

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