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My requirement is to create a .wav file, and I had an existing code with ADPCM encoder already written. It was getting data in linear PCM and converting it to ADPCM and creating a wave header for the file.

Now, I have modified the code, and I am getting the data directly into Apple ADPCM format, whose specific values are given below. How can I create a wave header for this file so I can play this file on any player. Right now, I am getting the file size correct, but it is not playing the data, neither full length, nor without crackling sound. Please suggest me any breakthroughs how can I debug the code, so I can get the exact problem. Currently it seems to be a problem of wave header to me.

ADPCM Specifications used: *mSampleRate:* 44100

mFormatID: kAudioFormatAppleIMA4

mFormatFlags: 0

mChannelsPerFrame: 2

mBitsPerChannel: 0

mFramesPerPacket: 64

mBytesPerPacket: 68 (= mChannelsPerFrame * 34)

Wave Header Specifications used: *samplesPerSecond:* 44100

channels: 2

status: 0x0011U

blockAlign: channels * 256

bitsPerSample: 4

formatExtension: 2

samplesPerBLock: lsx_ima_samples_in((size_t) 0, (size_t) wavHeader.wChannels, (size_t) wavHeader.wBlockAlign, (size_t) 0);

samplesWritten: self.audioLength/wavHeader.wSamplesPerBlock

fmtSize: 2 + wavHeader.wExtSize;

Any kind of help is highly appreciated.

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