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Does Google Search Appliance support wildcard characters in the query string. If no, is there any way I can fetch all the result set through my query?

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The GSA does not support wildcarding. An option can be toN-Gram the fields or content that you want wildcarded. This would be achieved in your feeder or pipeline.

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If waiting and upgrading the gsa software to v 7.2,.coming mid December is an option you will have wild card search built in.

Otherwise you have to dig deeper. A possible option is a document filter. If you are interested in that option I might be able to help.

I have developed such a document filter.

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GSA software 7.4 has wildcard search built in. From documentation:

Enabling Wildcard Search

Wildcard search is a feature that enables your users to search by entering a word pattern rather than the exact spelling of a term. The search appliance supports two wildcard operators:

  • *--Matches zero or more characters

  • ?--Matches exactly 1 character

Using wildcards can simplify queries for long names, technical data, pharmaceutical information, or strings where the exact spelling varies or is unknown. A user can search for all words starting with a particular pattern, ending with a particular pattern, or having a particular substring pattern.

By default, wildcard indexing is disabled for your search appliance. You can enable or disable wildcard indexing by using the Index > Index Settings page. You can disable or enable wildcard search for one or more front ends by using the Filters tab of the Search > Search Features > Front Ends page.

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