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I'm checking a module with Pylint. The project has this structure:


Within product I import entity like this:

from entity import Entity

but Pylint laments that:

************* Module builder.product
W:  5,0: Relative import 'entity', should be 'builder.entity'

However from builder.entity import Entity doesn't recognize the package, and from ..builder.entity import Entity doesn't work either. What is Pylint complaining about? Thanks

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from .entity import Entity

if your Python is new enough.

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Thank you for -1 without notice why. – glglgl Feb 10 '14 at 21:02

The file makes pylint think your code is a package (namely "builder").

Hence when pylint see "from entity import Entity", it detects it properly as an implicit relative import (you can do explicit relative import using '.' since python 2.6, as other posters have advertised) and reports it.

Then, if "from builder.entity import Entity" doesn't work, it's a PYTHONPATH pb : ensure the directory containing the "builder" directory is in your PYTHONPATH (an alternative pb being proposed by gurney alex). Unless you didn't intended to write a package, then removing the is probably the way to go.

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glglgl's answer is correct if you have a newer Python version.

However if you don't you must just make sure that the package you are validating is in your PYTHONPATH. See the examples below.

[sebastian ~/tmp/testpy]$ pylint -r n 
************* Module a
C:  1: Missing docstring
F:  1: Unable to import 'testpy.b'
[sebastian ~/tmp/testpy]$ PYTHONPATH=".." pylint -r n 
************* Module a
C:  1: Missing docstring
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i do have, thanks for pointing it out, i edited my question. – pistacchio May 4 '12 at 8:07

What do you get if you include the following lines at the top of

import builder
print builder

My guess is that you are importing a different module / package builder from some place in your PYTHONPATH which is before what you're using.

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