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I am an experienced Flex / Air developer (it's my day job) and have in the past played with C / C++ (at uni many years ago). I want to encode a video from Air but this is proving difficult and slow. The next logical step is to do this with some sort of native extension. What I want to do is pass PNGs as key frames to the native extension and then get a video out (don't care what sort of video, no sound, I just want to use it as a layer in Adobe Elements).

Where do I start? What language should I write the extension in? It needs to be a dll so I assume .net or something like that.

Any pointers much appreciated.

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Look at Native Extensions docs. Most platforms only support C language (with exception of Android, which supports Java). Yes, it must be DLL but .net has nothing to do with it. DLL using Native Extensions must contain C (Java) API for interaction with ActionScript, and the rest of your implementation can contain C++ or asm.

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Thanks for the reply. Does this mean that I can't create my dll using c#? I have played with that a bit in the past and found it pretty easy to get along with. Are there any libraries that I would get for free that would make encoding a video easy? –  Roaders May 4 '12 at 11:51
As I understand it, dll must contain undecorated functions with C-export and predefined names - this makes easy for Flash runtime to load library and get function pointers from it. Since C# isn't mentioned in the docs, this means it's out. –  alxx May 5 '12 at 5:00

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