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I am using primefaces 3.1 with `, having four positions. In the west position(west) I have added tree menu. JSF code is follows

<p:layoutUnit position="west" size="200" header="Left"
            resizable="true" collapsible="true">
                <p:tree dynamic="true" value="#{treeBean.root}" var="node" id="tree"
                    <p:treeNode id="treeNode">
                        <h:outputText value="#{node}" id="lblNode" />

and in the TreeBean I have

root = new DefaultTreeNode("Root", null);  
        TreeNode node0 = new DefaultTreeNode("Color", root);  

        TreeNode node00 = new DefaultTreeNode("Red", node0);  
        TreeNode node01 = new DefaultTreeNode("Blue", node0);
        TreeNode node02 = new DefaultTreeNode("Green", node0);

Is it possible to have navigation when I expand and click one of those nodes and upon clicking respective nodes how could I display jsf pages in the center position of layout. i.e. if I click node Blue, ideally I would like to have another jsf page being loaded into the center position of layout.

Any help is highly appreciable.


Update 1

I have added the following code and it does a navigation to start.xhtml. However start.xhtml is displayed not inside my layout, start.xhtml is displayed as a new page.

public void onNodeSelect(NodeSelectEvent event) {

        try {
            System.out.println(" here " + event.getTreeNode().getData());
                            "null", "/start.xhtml?faces-redirect=true");
        } catch (Exception e) {
  "error "+e.getMessage());
            // TODO: handle exception
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I think that this post will be very useful for you Include one xhtml inside another JSF

It describes how you create a template and then use it in your template client. @rags already told you that, but you don't really have to use <p:layout>. Article linked above is just more precise. I believe you will find what you need there. Regards

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This is achieved with the help of layout. Define layout template for your application. Sample is shown here ...


        <p:layoutUnit position="east" header="Menu"  collapsed="true" scrollable="true" collapsible="true" >
            <ui:insert name="appMenu">
                Place Your menu here ...

        <p:layoutUnit position="center" scrollable="true">
            <ui:insert name="pageContent">
                Page Content is loaded here .....

In Your Page.xhtml which is to be loaded on click of your menu item, .....

<ui:composition template="myLayoutTemplate.xhtml">
    <ui:define name="pageContent">

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Are there any other ways of achieving this? – user75ponic May 4 '12 at 13:27
Thanks for the help, I will try this out. – user75ponic May 11 '12 at 22:34

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