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I would like to know where the indexed document is saved in solr search.

I have installed solr server at C:\solr and using solr 1.4. By making 
necessary changes in the configuration files i am able to search data 
using solr client.

Just wondering where that indexed document is saved.

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Indexed documents are saved in index, which is located in solr/data/index folder.

Here you can find more details about those files.

From LuceneFAQ:

The index database is composed of 'segments' each stored in a separate file. When you add documents to the index, new segments may be created. These are periodically merged together.

If you want to examine contents of your index and tweak or troubleshoot your schema (analysis), see instructions about the greatest Lucene tool ever, called Luke in this recent post.

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Thanks mbonaci !! This is really helpful for me :) –  neeraj May 4 '12 at 8:01

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