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i have git repo . Could be a very big source base like Android. There would definetly be fixes to particular issues. I want to know how to search the commits for a particular issue in my whole code base which is a local repo. For linux kernel I probably would have googled and it would give me a patch to apply. how to do this for a local git code.

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This is a very vague question, since there are many different ways to search your git history - here are a couple of ideas, though:

  • If you do: git log --grep=foo (for example) you will be shown all commits that have foo in the the commit message. You can use a regular expression with the --grep option.
  • If you know that a particular string would have been added or removed from the source file when a bug was fixed, you can try (for example) git log -p -SProblemFactory, which list all commits with the patch they introduce (-p) that changed the number of instance of the string ProblemFactory in a particular file. In recent versions of git you can use the similar -G option, which takes a regular expression.
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